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Bi-Monthly Rotating Art Show Guidelines

Thank you for participating in the Resource Center’s Bi-monthly Rotating Art Show. Below you will find useful information and general guidelines about the program. If you have any question please contact the Resource Center desk for more information.

Local Artists Featured: We like to show and promote the work of artists in our general area, including those who may have gone on to live elsewhere but have deep Calaveras roots. Exhibits are not limited to people who are pursuing a professional art path. We also welcome quality work from the region’s private artists, the folk out there whose passion is art of some kind but are not actively selling, showing or pursuing an art career. We have a great intimate space for such work.

Type of Work Accepted: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Mobiles, Photography, Clothing, Fabric and Other Textile Arts, limited space for 3-Dimensional items. If we left anything out and you have it and think it would be great, come on by for a chat.

Musicians? Writers? Poets? Performers? We have provision for you! We always like to include a little live something during the Open House, so if you have a book you would like to bring and talk about, or some poetry to read, or a short performance of some sort, please talk to us. Guest performers featured in the later afternoon, 4-6 pm.

Preliminaries: The artist is requested to come in for a short consultation before the show in order to view the space, talk about possibilities, and arrange a time-slot on the calendar. If Kristine has not seen the work, please bring in several samples or accessible on-line media.

Quality Control Guildelines: We do have a standard of quality and work will be subject to further review by the MRYA Board if there is an issue. Since children are present daily at the center we would like to discourage adult content in the work.

Exhibit Details: The show will run for 2 consecutive months. We like the art to stay in place once it’s up. if you sell a piece or need it for another show or whatever, work with Kristine on bringing in another item to fill the spot if it leaves a hole, or arrange to take it during closed hours.

Open House: Some time during the exhibit there will be an Open House/Artist’s Reception Party. In general it works best to schedule them every other month, so the timing of the in-coming artist’s party will be partially determined by when the previous party occurred. Open Houses happen on Friday afternoons 2-6 pm. The Center & friends provide beverages and some finger food; friends and family of the artist are encouraged to bring an appetizer of some sort.

In order to make it a successful day we’ve found it’s important to include other activities for the Open House. Coordinate with Kristine if you have any ideas or performing artist friends who would like to be a part of the day. Examples of other harmonious activites include a jewelry maker/display (with goods for sale), plant sale, live performance of some sort, a book to discuss, poetry to read, live music, bake sale, children’s performance, short talk on local history – if you have something interesting to present, talk to us.

Set-Up / Take-Down: Arrangements for set-up must be made in advance to coordinate an optimal time. Kristine is at the desk on Tuesday afternoons 2-6, and can be at the center during off hours by appointment. If you have heavy items or things that require extensive mounting or set-up, please bring your muscle-man assistant and appropriate tools, nails, screws, hooks and hanging apparatus. Kristine is available for hanging assistance and guidance if required. Unless there are safety or stability concerns, the artist is free to hang the show how they want. Kristine has piles of fabric, baskets and botanicals If further accoutrements are needed for that extra special finishing touch.

Take-Down: Taking down the show is usually arranged within a few weeks of its end. Again, coordinate with Kristine if it needs to happen during off hours. All artwork must be removed from the premises prior to the in-coming artist’s set-up.


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