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The Valentine Villain Visits the 60’s Love Fest

Enjoy a walk through the evolving photo gallery from this year’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theater!

Co-Organized by Donna Vial and Mara Naber 




‭Earth Dude ‬-‭ Tom Spiritbringer
MoonChild – Claire Coykendall
‭Sunshine Jackson – Maren Sampson
‭Agent Apricot – Kristine Lavender Love
‭Spring – Diane Cahill
‭Priscilla Hilton – Betty Hillman
‭Lily Meadowview – Bonita Faust
‭Harry Krishna – Chris Sampson
‭Bobby Dee – Guest Actor from the audience

Directed by Claire Coykendall


Scenes from the Hall:

Set Design: Kristine Lavender Love, Diane Cahill, Betty Hillman

Bartenders: Tom & Lynn Darmstead, Jim Bass

Sign in Table: Leanne Bryan, Donna Vial, Linda Bass


Excellent Food, Wine & Service!!

Dinner‭ ‬Chef: Kara Blanch

Wait Staff:
Pablo Santillana, Clara Trevol, Carol Oz, Jayne Childress, Ty Childress, Joyce Carillo, Ryan Diegan, Kristen Frech, Judy McMurtry, Helen Berry, Tawny Lumpkin

Kitchen Help:
Sharon Claus, Nathan Williams, Kenneth Smith, Bunnie

Cream of Celery Soup
Tomato Aspic Salad over Iceberg Lettuce
‭Steak Diane (vegetarian option) with
‭Mashed Potatoes and Succotash
‭Tunnel of Fudge Cake

Beautiful Table Settings, each one a work of art!!
Table Hostessing by:

Di Jackson (2)
Estelle Moulton
Jim and Ann Pesout
Leanne Bryan/Carol Phelps
Donna Vial (2)
Grace Baker
Jayne Childress
Holly Mines (3)
Edy Brown
Patty Hession/Kim Misthos

Finale:  Whodunnit, plus Board Member, Cast, and Kitchen Introductions

Food and‭ ‬Wine‭ ‬Sponsors:
Senders Market
Anonymous Dinner Donation
Starbucks Coffee
MRYA Resource Center
Mtn. Ranch Community Club