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The Resource Center is located in beautiful Mtn. Ranch Park, use the park entrance on Whiskey Slide Road.

Look for us behind the white picket fence.

 7869 Whiskey Slide Rd., Mountain Ranch, CA  95246

Phone: (209) 754-4073

Email: mrcrcenter@gmail.com



Kristine Louise

Arlende Weissman

Board Members

Leanne Bryan: mooseb@usa.net

Joyce Carillo:  joyceloucarrillo@gmail.com

Dominique Garnier: dominique@chezdd.com

David Richter:  der@chezdd.com

Kim Misthos: misthoskim@gmail.com

Lucile Fenner:  fenner.l@wildblue.net

Desiree Swanson:  deziswan@gmail.com

Kristine Louise: kristineslavenderlove@netzero.net

Patty Hession:  mtnranchdogs@hotmail.com

Maren Sampson:  marenart@gmail.com