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Calendar of Events of regularly occurring

Classes and Activities

  Here are all the classes and activities at the center that
happen on a regular basis.

 To view the full calendar of events that includes everything, see below.  Check out our MRYA NEWS page to see special workshops and events happening for the current month.

hiking group 2Hiking Group — Facilitated by Mara Naber, Leanne Bryan, JIm McNutt and others. Enjoy group walks and hikes in our beautiful Sierra landscape!

Call Leanne at 754-5888  or Mara at 754-0521 for more info on any last minute changes or if you are bringing any guests.  Bring lunch, water, good hiking shoes.  Happy Trails!!




 Quiliting Group, 3rd Monday of the Month, 9:30-12 pm.  Contact Linda Bass at 754-4550 for openings.  Class is currently full.








Genealogy - CopyGenealogy Group met for several years until interest finally dwindled to 2 hardy participants. They will be taking a break until more folks indicate they want to join, let us know if you are interested.






new flier oct 1

Hatha Yoga with Kristine, Wednesdays 9:30-11 am.  Develop strength, flexibility and balance.   Class will meet outside on the back patio every day that is warm enough so dress in layers.  Mats available or bring your own; Kristine has 2 sets of blocks.  $5.00 plus small donation to the Resource Center.

Note:  Kristine has a second class in RailRoad Flat on Fridays from 9:30-11 am at the School, classroom 2.  No mats available, $5 plus $1 or $2 for the school.


New Flier May 2014

Join Doug and friends on Thursday nights from 6-8 pm when they get together and jam.  This is an open group that hopefully will like to play for the occasional Center Open House or other function.  Call on Thursdays during open hours to make sure the event is  happening for the evening.





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Beginning Acoustic Guitar Lessons with Doug Quintal will continue when he has interested students.









Kimchi club


Welcome to the Kimchi Club.  Learn how to turn ordinary veggies like carrots, cabbage and cauliflower into a

powerhouse of probiotic nutrition.

Workshops include demonstrations of how to prepare various kinds of kimchi, tasting of varieties brought by Kristine and others, and samples to take home.  Kimchi lunch and access to the evolving on-line kimchi document always included.  Check out pics from prior workshops HERE, these are very successful and fun events!


See the full calendar of events below:

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